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Forced Order
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Eventual product of various corruptions of the French meaning 'of war'
The Seneca word for 'large creek'
Named for a Channel Island
Spanish for 'snowy'
Local language referring to the lands becoming a 'flat river'
A made up word proposed for several Western States, used so often to refer to this unnamed area that it stuck
Named by Raleigh for his Queen and confidante
Named after the local name for what is now the Columbia River
Named for its commander, Louis XVI
Named for the first President
Americanization of Spanish for 'mountain'
Both after the legendary homeland of Polynesians and legendary discovery of the State
Named for George II
Accidental and misspelt transcription of French word for 'Illinois'
English spelling of French corruption of Miami word for 'lying red'
Named for Charles I (S)
Named for a Valley in Pennsylvania, the name moving Westward with travellers
Named after a river that was designated to the local alibamu tribe
From a native East-American/Canadian language referring to the long river
A combination of Dakota and French, named for the local people
Cherokee village name
Named for Charles I (N)
Named after the Duke of York & Albany
From words in three Spanish denominations, referring to both strange vegetation and a lack of it
French for 'green mountain'
Named after the original land bought by William Penn
Illinois for 'dugout canoe'
Named after a Greek island
Old Spanish for 'colored ruddy'
Choctaw for 'Indian territory'
State originally thought to be an island, named for a fictional Spanish island ruled by Califia
Americanization of the French version of the Miami instruction for 'speak normally'
Literally 'of the Indians'
Dakota for 'cloudy water'
Named after the Kaw tribe and the winds in the area
Ojibwe for 'large lake'
Americanized version of Russian word for 'large country'
Named for an English County
Split from Raleigh's first colony named after Elizabeth I (W)
Old Spanish for 'flowered'
Named after Charles I's wife
Ojibwe for 'large river'
Native language word for 'around the great hill'
Old French for a small body of water to cross OR an English village
From the Spanish word 'yute' referring to the people settling
From the Mohawk for 'prairie'
The Sioux word for 'ally' (N)
Translated from the Spanish name, which was named by Aztec settlers after a god
Americanized version of Spanish borrowing of local word 'tayha' meaning 'friend'
The Sioux word for 'ally' (S)

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