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What is JD and Turk's original address (beginning of show?
How old did Kelso tell Elliot he was?
How old is Elliot at the end of season 8, according to seasonal dates?
What character did Bill Lawrence play during 'My Soul on Fire'?
What is The Todd's personal website?
Dr. Miller's favorite genre of music is?
Elliot's NON-gay brother's name is?
What color was JD's Prius?
What color was Malik, JD's first car?
What time did Turk have to be in his room on weekends during high school?
What outfit was Elliot wearing during JD's hallucination in 'My Day at the Races'?
Who said this quote: 'I enjoy laughing at poor people.'?
What TV show were the Tiki necklace replicas from in 'My Soul on Fire'?
What did JD say when he came out of what Turk said was his longest fantasy?
What was Dr. Kelso's car's name?
What did JD drop on the aforementioned car?
Who is Dr. Kelso's favorite drug company?
In what year did Kelso get his vasectomy?
In what year was Dr. Kelso born?
What name did JD tell Turk was Carla's middle name?
Dr. Cox is a registered... [political party]
When the Janitor was 19, he was a world-class...
What is Keith's sister's name?
Dr. Cox had this number of vasectomies.
What was JD going to name the grandfather he picked out from the kennel?
How many times did Keith get dumped by Elliot?
Dr. Cox got ___________ by an 'enraged German named Otto'
What was the name of the store that carries many styles of testicles?
The Janitor's roof toilet is referred to as
Dr. Kevin Casey was both a _________ and a ________.
JD repeatedly mentions this famous actor during the series.
Where does Kim get a new job?
Where were Turk and JD supposed to go during their 40th birthday?

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