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RoleJob Title
Individual concerned with Information Technology of an organization. Often very involved in the decision to implement EMRs, and the actual implementation.
Physician who works specifically in the ICU. In a 'closed' ICU, they are solely qualified to write orders on a patient to whom they are administering care.
Assists guarantors with inquiries regarding billing.
Actually a fully qualified physician. Responsible for sedating the patient and everything related to the patient's sedation. Monitors the patient during pre-operative administering
Schedules patient appointments with the needs and availability of the care provider in mind.
Ensures patients wind up in the right bed, and with the right services, in an inpatient setting. Have to take into account patient preferences, infectious disease and current avail
Individual concerned with financial health of an organization. Coordinates administrative, accounting, budgeting and planning efforts for the organization.
Individual who works closely with the CIO, but specifically concerned with medical information
Treats afflictions via operations, ranging from minimally invasive to fully invasive. Goes through extensive training and education. Performs care in both outpatient and inpatient
Rooms the patient for his/her appointment, collects vitals, and follows up on clinic administrative tasks.
Multi-disciplinary group of providers often covering a variety of different specialties. Together, responsible for the care and clinical workflow surrounding a patient.
Often referred to as 'Scrubs'. Preps the operating room before the surgical team enters. Helps staff put on sterile scrubs, hangs sterile curtains, and makes sure all equipment is
Checks other people's work in billing. Verifies codes entered by the charge entry clerk are correct and appropriate. A very important role in the billing office, as any slight erro
Nurse in the OR who documents everything that happens during the operation, and retrieves supplies and resources as needed.
NOT A JOB....more accurately, it refers to the range of services a provider is licensed to practice. Really, a fancy word for 'job description', but with legal implications.
Operates radiological equipment, but does not interpret scans or X-rays (that would be a Radiologist's job)
Physician who oversees patient care. Chief concern is patient safety.
Assesses patient progress via diagnosis, treatment and evaluation. As part of a team, designs the care plan for a patient based on his/her specific condition.
Restores, maintains, and promotes overall fitness and health. Key word here being 'restores'. This type of work is often applied to occupation, speech, physical surgery recovery, a
RoleJob Title
Individual in charge of an entire organization, answering to the Board of Trustees.
Verifies patient registration information upon check-in, marks patients as 'arrived', answers phones and helps as needed.
Nurse who oversees all other nurses.
Takes paper charge tickets for charges incurred during an encounter or episode and enters the right codes into the system.
Individual chiefly concerned with day-to-day operations.
Works on authorization and certification of a patient. Also determines if a patient needs certain care and if it is covered by the patient's insurance.
Technically a Physician Assistant. Responsible for filling medications and instructing patients on how to take the medications most effectively. Also makes recommendations to the p
Group of administrators at the top of the chain of command. They set the mission statement for an organization.
Gathers and enters the demographics, insurance and guarantor information for new patients.
Does some utilization review, but mostly works as a coordinator of care and social services. Also responsible for discharge planning for clients. Works hard to advocate for the pat
Often behind the scenes workers. Many serve a non-clinical function as support to the clinical operations of a facility. However, this category also applies to researchers (althoug
Training follows the nursing model, but is able to diagnose the patient, order labs and diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, perform supportive care, and conduct healthcare edu
The care provider who is assigned to a patient to be their (ideally) sole provider at the primary level. In some cases, acts as the gatekeeper to secondary level of care or higher
Provides care to patients, but is supervised by an RN. Often administers bedside care, or practices in long-term care facilities and home care.
Always under the supervision (however minimal, in some cases) of a physician, but is able to diagnose, order labs and diagnostic tests, and prescribe medications. In lower-income a
When payments come in from insurance companies and from guarantors, applies those payments to the Accounts Receivable record in the system.
Helps guarantors who are unable to pay their medical bills in full to make arrangements in paying.
Often knows everything that is going on in a certain unit at any given time. Responsible for tracking which patients are arriving or leaving the unit.
Follows up with insurance companies that have not paid or have underpaid on a claim.

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