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Can you name the the facts about me?!

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my first name
my middle name
my mum's name
my dad's name
what pet do i have
what is his name
hair colour
eye colour
shoe size
favourite colour
favourite food
favourite drink
favourite fruit
favourite vegetable
phone i have
favourite tv show
favourite film 1
favourite film 2
favourite film 3
favourite film 4
favourite band 1
favourite band 2
favourite band 3
favourite band 4
favourite cartoon show
favourite city
favourite weezer album
favourite music genre
favourite animal
godfathers name
favourite celebrity 1
favourite celebrity 2
favourite celebrity 3
favourite celebrity 4
favourite actor 1
favourite actor 2
favourite actor 3
favourite actor 4
favourite poet
favourite word
favourite dog breed
favourite disney films 1
favourite disney films 2
favourite disney films 3
favourite disney films 4
favourite friends character
favourite glee character
favourite it's always sunny in philadelphia character
favourite how i met your mother character
favourite gossip girl character
favourite torchwood character
favourite breaking bad character
favourite arrow character
favourite supernatural character
favourite the vampire diaries character
favourite teen wolf character
favourite the walking dead character
favourite biffy clyro song
favourite weezer song
least favourite food
favourite parks and rec character
favourite the office (US) character
favourite comedian
favourite season of the year
favourite month of the year
favourite number
favourite superhero
favourite film genre
favourite sweets
favourite dessert
favourite person 1
favourite person 2
favourite person 3
favourite person 4
favourite person 5
favourite director
favourite day of the week
least favourite day of the week
political party
favourite politician
favourite sit-com
favourite mcdonalds food
favourite jackass cast member
favourite boy band
favourite crisp flavour
favourite disney character
favourite 1d member
favourite 5sos member
favourite restaurant
favourite takeaway
my least favourite band 1
my least favourite band 2
my least favourite band 3
my least favourite band 4
favourite christmas movie
favourite country
favourite kardashian

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