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Can you name the twilight wolfs and cullens?

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was first a human but now vampire
born in chicago
from gatlinburg tennessee
is orginally from new york
was the youngest major in the confederates
from mississippi
from the 1600s
attempted suicided after the lost of her baby boy
has russet fur as a wolf
chocolate brown fur Jacob's 2nd cousin
anger problems and has dark gray fur
father is dead and has sandy colored fur
has jet black fur when a wolf
the only female wolf in the pack and has light gary fur
wolf with gray fur and dark spots on his back
1st to phase after sam
these two wolfs are said to phase at the age of 13
vampire who can block others senses
senses strength and nature in relationships
reads peoples minds by the touch
has snow white hair
can create pain to people also is alec's twin
has physical strength and speed
is a tracker on the volturi
aros wife
caius wife
marcus wife
tracker who tried to kill bella
has red fiery hair out to get edward
is the leech with dreadlocks
he helps with the newborn army
the short second life of _____ tanner
creates illusions
tall dark skinned and in a coven with zafrina name the two
good friends with jasper
peters mate
m___ and r______ are american nomads
gift is to identify other vampires gifts
first to listen and not fear renesemee
denali coven leader and had a thing for edward
reports renesmee
ability to produce electrical currents all around her body
tall rangy vampire
mate of benjamin
mate of kebi
he controls the elements
mate of amun
tracker and is one of carlisle oldest pals
can sense a statement is true
is charles mate
can alter the course of a situation
is siobhaans mate
able to sense if someone's lying
the romanian coven last two people
forks police cheif
lives in jacksonville bellas mother
bellas step-father
had a heart attack and died
crippled from diabetes
almost hit bella with his truck
jealous over the attention bella gets
has a crush on bella
bellas first friend in forks
shes tall quiet shy and is very nice
he is very overly helpful to bella
sam imprinted on her
widowed husband had a heart attack
hes a forger of legal documents

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