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moves back to Rosewood after spending a year in Iceland. Dating her english teacher
known for his knowledge in technology, helps the cops locate the four main characters
was accused of blinding Jenna and killing Ali, later becomes a police officier
flies Ali back to Rosewood the night she disappeared
dated Mona right before she disappears, informs Aria that she isn't truly dead
attempts to drown Emily because of jealousy
pretends to be Alison in A's dollhouse
runs over Detective Wilden with her car
moves to Europe to be with her boyfriend
turns Toby into the cops for killing Ali
is pushed off a boat by Hanna when he tries to tell her a secret
pretends to kill Ali and is later murdered
photoshops a photo of herself naked and sends it to all of Rosewood High
a good friend of Ali's who taught Ali her scheming ways
underwent a complete makeover after the death of a close friend, lives with only her mother
the athletic swimmer in her group of friends, came out to her friends and family in season 1
Emily's first official girlfriend who was murdered
doctor who kisses Spencer and works at Radley Sanitarium
buried Alison alive
votes for Mona to be captain of the decathlon team
Hanna's first boyfriend
the competitive, smart and sarcastic friend in her group, was the first to realize Ali went missing
helps Aria secretly meet up with Ezra
goes missing and claimed to have been kidnapped, is later arrested
english teacher who falls in love with one of his students

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