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When Patrick gives Squidward his trophy for winning the snail race, it is made out to Squidward (What last name?)
What is Squidward's house number in Tentacle Acres?
What trophy does Patrick finally win after copying spongebob?
What did Patrick eat 3 orders of before coming to Tentacle Acres?
At the end of 'Hooks', what does patrick end inside of
What does spongebob suggest that Squidward should become when he quits his job at the Krusty Krab?
When Squidward accidently gives spongbob a pie bomb, by what month does spongebob say they should finish their to-do list by?
In the Christmas episode, what is the first gift squidward gives (not to spongebob)
The last gift?
When squidward is deciding what to eat while stuck in the Kelp forest, after food drops from the picnic plane to Spongebob and Patrick, he wonders whether to have turkey, or......
What is the population of jellyfish fields after spongebob catches most of the them for jelly patties?
What does the knight suggest to do when Bikini bottom is attacked by the Alaskan Bull Worm
Who is the food critic who reviews the Krusty Krab?
Who is the only customer at the Krusty Krab whose name Spongebob doesn't know?
What two starfish pretend to be Patrick's parents for starfish day?
In 'Imitation Krabs' Plankton remembers what line to get Spongebob to trust him? 'Ravioli, Ravioli .......
What is the statue of Squilliam's unibrow made from?
In 'Krab Borg', the first appliance destroyed by Squidward during mr. Krabs's interrogation is a .....?
Who is the the creature who flickers the lights in 'Graveyard shift'?
In 'Rock Bottom' what number is spongebob in the waiting line?
Who is #1 whose hat Mr Krabs took? (extra credit)

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