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A.'Four' song, the kind you want to sing to the best friend you want to grow up (and be childish) with.
B.'Midnight Memories' song about a dentist's daughter.
C.'Take Me Home' song, the one you sing to that girl you wanna dance with on the dance floor.
D.'Midnight Memories' song, that you can sing when there are short days and the nights are long.
E.'Up All Night' song, where the boys try to explain why they want a girl.
F.'Four' song, about a girl who used the boys, even though they don't reget it.
G.'Four' song, about a girl 1D would get down on their knees for.
H.'Made in the AM' song, and an ode to the boys' fans and all of the rumors and the fights they survived.
I.'Made in the AM' song, detailing how long it would take to fix the boys' broken heart.
J.Song that 1D sold off to Isaac Elliot, talking about a sexy 'animal' the boys cant say no to.
K.So tell me girl if everytime you listen to this 'Take Me Home' song, it gets stuck in your head.
L.Member of 1D who is known for writing most of their songs.
M.'Midnight Memories' song, where sassy Louis says he's at the age where he knows what he needs.
N.'Four' song, where Louis brings his A-game to talk about his boner.
O.They may not know what it is, but this 'Up All Night' song is about it.
P.'Made in the AM' song, which Harry may or may have not written about Taylor Swift.
Q.Just write Qq. (free point yay)
R.'Midnight Memories' song, where the boys sing about missing someone they love.
S.'Four' song, with generic, cliche lyrics but a unique video featuring Danny Devito.
T.'Made in the AM' song, where Niall and the boys offer a girl they met a no strings attached relationship.
U.'Up All Night' song, where the boys listen to Katy Perry and Zayn doesn't about breaking tables.
V.Just write Vv. (free point yay)
W.'Up All Night' song, where the boys get overwhelmed over a girl's hair flip.
X.Just write Xx. (free point yay)
Y.Midnight Memories song, where the boys figure it out that not even the gods above can separate them.
Z.A former member of 1D

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