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Can you name the answers to these Tavor/Habonim-related questions??

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The name of my friend the bullfrog, who had fine wine:
Name of the movement anthem (we sing it at mifkad):
Last name of one of the technis this summer:
Hospital-bound MBI madricha from Philadelphia
The father of zionism:
It WAS constantinople, but now it's:
#1 rule at camp:
Tavor's ultimate sports rivals in the Three Rivers area:
HDNA's first ever machaneh:
Garinim 1st session 2009, aka:
Phia Blumenthal is one of the ______s this summer:
Shelley's birthday:
The country a lot of y'all were in last summer:
The number of madatz madrichim you have, times three:
A name shared by 3 people in your kvutzah:
The most hype day of the summer
The most attractive Sussman
Israel's favorite Habonim Pillar:
Best boku ever?
Rosh Tavor 2012:
Kvutzat 63's fall seminar claim to fame:
Last name of the Chinuch this summer:
You're gonna have so much of this by the end of this summer, oh man (hint: it means example):
A day once a session when you stuff your Mo full of food:
The times you are a role-model during madatz:
Theme of special day when you were in Chotrim Bet:
Will there ever be a madatz summer as cool as yours?
The Beit-O used to be called the:
The universe is made out of these, and so is camp:
'Man about town', summer 2010:
'Hagshamizing' means:
The tree stump on the Kikar has a sign based on:
You were the cutest when you were in:
Post-rikud activity, in which you will beat tzevet AND bogrim/bogrot:
The best shichva to be in in 2012!
Now take all the first letters of all the answers to find out who your madrichim are!!

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