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HaverfoodReal Food
Moo Pies
Proud Cheerios
Better Faster Stronger Water
Biggie Smalls
Nature Sponge
Leaf Piles
Kevin Bacon
Sippy Sippy Wake Wake
Co Co Loco
Do Ri Ris
Pee Cologne
Oink Steaks
Hard Bread
Lil' Flapperz
Kanye Blood
Liquid Lunch
Milk on the Rocks
Stomach Spackle
Lil' Surprises
Calorie Placebo
Chewy Cubs
Mexicn Mashed Potatoes
Chew Chew Trains
LL Cool Ade
HaverfoodReal Food
Notorious P.I.G.
No Ho-Ho
Lame Cookies
Naked Cupcakes
Mini 'Fros
Teen Raisins
Deja Food
Punky Brewsters
Teacher Candy
Lil' Bow Wows
Alien Bait
Gangsta Bread
Spuds on the Halfshell
Busta Rinds
Brit Bagels
Flat Fries
Cold Puppies
Stank Rings
Rainbow Rice for Milky Ice
Patty Cakes
Tickle Water
Tiny-ass Lobster

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