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Name the signal sequence that distinguishes the import of secretory proteins from that of membrane proteins into endoplasmic reticulum
If an autophagosome is formed by engulfment of a mitochondrion by the ER membrane, how many layers of membrane separate the matrix of the mitochondrion from the cytosol outside the
Name the Golgi enzyme that catalyzes reactions to tag lysosomal proteins ni the Golgi apparatus
Name the core region of a glycoprotein to which N-linked oligosaccharide is added in ER.
The electron microscope can show a neutrophil ingesting a dividing bacterium. What is the special name for this process?
Name the cytosolic GTPase that binds to the neck of a clathrin-coated vesicle and helps it to pinch off from the membrane.
How many polypeptide chains does one clathrin triskelion have?
Name the Ca2+ binding protein that can trigger the contraction of smooth muscle once there is a Ca2+ influx
Name the organelle of animal cells that is the primary microtubule organizing center and acts as the spindle pole during mitosis
Test QuestionAnswer
Name the 1 electron carrier produced by citric acid cycle
Name another electron carrier produced by citric acid cycle
3 conserved functions of peroxisomes (1)
Conserved functions of peroxisomes (2)
Conserved functions of peroxisomes (3)
Name the mitochondrial translocator on the inner membrane that directs proteins from the mitochondrial matrix to the inner membrane
At what pH do the lysosomal hydrolases have optimal activity?
Name the electron carrier in the complex I of respiratory chain that generates free radicals

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