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What the Treaty accomplishedName of TreatyYear
It established the European Community, along with the commission, council, parliament, court, and economic and social committee. CAP was also established, as was the competition po1957
Established the European Coal and Steel Commission1951
proclaim a constitution for the EU, allow each members tate to nominate a commisssioner but establish a core group of 15 commissioners as of 2009, change the criteria for a Qualifi2003
combined the ECSC, Euratom, and the EEC into the 1965
Created NATO1949
launched the EU, extended QMV, strengthen role of Parliament, establish the committee of the regions, introduce the principe of subsidiarity, EMU (by 99), transfrom political coope1992
limited institutional and policy reform, extend QMV, strengthen the legislative role of Parliament, limit the Parliament to 700 members, reform the common foreign and security poli1997
created the Council of Europe1949
legitimze the European Council, extend QMV, strengthen legisslative role of Parliament, establish court of first instance, complete single market by 92, strengthen cohesian policy,1986
limited institutional reform, change the voting weights of member states and allocate votes to teh candidate countries, extend the use of QMV, change the composition of the commiss2001

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