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Can you name the Greek letter that (approximately) completes each sentence?

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Meringues are made fr_____nd sugar*
_____ fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman
He's well on his way to becomin_____ster magician
He's a good psychologist, but he's no _____nd Freud*
After visiting many national par_____ had a greater appreciation of nature*
Don't give the milk to the cow- give the _____ milk
'Is this sentence palendr_____?' asked Harry*
_____, _____, _____ your boat
You need to focus on _____sk at hand*
I'd alway_____ strawberry or two*
She almost won the race, but then the other runner _____
I have all 151 original pokemon except for the legendary _____
I'd love to _____ strawberry or two
_____ one and one for all
I was going to win the card game until I was _____ bad hand
No-one could read the letter because it was u_____de-down*
I had to take out a loan because ____ lot of money to my friends
The late goal was a fitting way to _____ strong performance by the team
After taking a great ca_____ was very excited*
It's Ep's birthday today, but he's not here beacause he's sick. It's such a shame that _____ his birthday
After five minutes of sit-_____g for a rest*
Bye bye Miss American _____
Using my 'get out of jail free' card, I go_____t of jail.*
Out with the old, and in with the _____

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