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Forced Order
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Middle Eastern countries that is largely populated by Jews
Most popular religion in the Middle East
Type of government that is run by religious leaders
Type of government where the leader has unchecked power
Used in elections to show that an individual has voted
Middle Eastern garb that completely covers women
Middle Eastern garb worn on the head by Middle Eastern and Indian men
Important Egyptian River
Middle Eastern country with the most oil
Country that consumes the most oil
Country where the 'Arab Spring' protests began
Country that Hosni Mubarak was forced to flee from
Country that is led by Muammar Gaddafi
Rebels who fought against the Soviet's attempt to occupy Afghanistan between 1979-1989
Group that gained power of Afghanistan in 1996
Leader of Al-Qaeda
Number of terrorists repsonsible for 9/11 attacks
Terrorist ringleader in charge of the attack on 9/11
Term that means religion doesn't play a role in government
Term that means that religion does play a role in government
Translation for Mujahedeen
Transation for Al-Qaeda
Translation for Taliban

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