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When they first appearCharacterHow they fit in
Breaking DawnMember of Volturi Guard
New MoonPart of Volturi
TwilightWaitress in Port Angeles
Breakin DawnLeader of Egyptian Coven
New Moon (First mentioned in Twilight)Volturi Leader
New Moon (First mentioned in Twilight)Member of Wolf Pack; Second Cousin to Jacob
Only MentionedFather of Quil III
Only MentionedGrandfather of Quil III
Breaking DawnWife of Caius (yeah, now you know him)
TwilightChanged to Mr. Molina in the movie
Breaking DawnPart of Egyptian Coven
Only Mentioned (Eclipse)Raises the newborn army in the South where Jasper comes from
Eclipse (In movie, New Moon)Bella's senior-year English teacher
EclipseRaises Victoria's Newborn Army
TwilightJacob's father
Only MentionedJacob's grandfather
TwilightThe one and the only
Only Mentioned (Twilight)Jacob's sister who received a scholarship
Only Mentioned (Twilight)Married a Samoan surfer at 18 and went to Hawaii
Only Mentioned (Breaking Dawn)Jacob, Rachel, and Rebecca's mother and Billy's wife; died sometime during Jacob's childhood in a car crash
New Moon13-year-old wolf
Only Mentioned (New Moon)Alice's human sister; had a daughter who is still alive
EclipsePart of Victoria's Newborn Army
New MoonVolturi Leader
New MoonMember of the Wolf pack
Breaking DawnPart of the Denali Coven;Vegetarian; Mate is Eleazar
Breaking DawnNomadic European Vampire who comes to help Cullens, but backs out
Mentioned in Eclipse/Appeared in Breaking DawnNomadic North American Vampire; mate is Peter
Breaking DawnVolturi Member with the strength to strenghten or undo relationships; mate is Afton
TwilightClassmate at Forks High
Mentioned in Eclipse/Appeared in Breaking DawnEmily's neice (and Seth and Leah's third cousin) who imprints on Quil
TwilightForks High gym teacher
TwilightTribal Elder
Mentioned in New Moon/Appeared in EclipseSeth's oldder sister; only known female member of wolf pack
New MoonMember of Wolf Pack
New MoonMother of Seth and Leah
New MoonYoung wolf
TwilightForks High student
EclipseImprinted on by Jared
TwilightReceptionist at Forks High
Breaking DawnMember of Volturi Guard
TwilightStudent at Forks High; Almost hit Bella with his car
TwilightJapser's Psychic Wife
TwilightThere just wouldn't be a story without her
TwilightDoctor and Leader of the Cullens
TwilightMarried to Rosalie who changed him; Part of the Cullens
TwilightTried to commit suicide after her baby tragedy; married to Dr. Cullen
TwilightThe world wouldn't be the same without 'em
When they first appearCharacterHow they fit in
Breaking DawnHalf Human-Half Vampire who was born to Bella and Edward and imprinted on by Jacob (Naturally)
New MoonPart of Volturi Guard; Tracker
Only MentionedSister of Aro and Wife of Marcus; Killed by her brother Aro who made her a vampire
Only Mentioned (New Moon)Mechanic who is too pricey
TwilightMinor-League baseball player who marries Renée
TwilightBella's mother
Breaking DawnPart of Volturi Guard
Only MentionedEsme's Abusive Human Husband
New MoonMember of the Volturi Guard
TwilightFriend of Charlie who is killed in Twilight
Mentioned Earlier/Appeared in Breaking DawnMember of the Denali Coven
New MoonLooked at Bella the night Edward left to make sure she was okay
New MoonHuman Recptionist at Volturi Castle
TwilightSpanish teacher who has Emmett and Edward
EclipsePrincipal of Forks High
Breaking DawnAccompaines the attendant on Bella and Edward's honeymoon
Twilight'No fair with the mood control thing'
TwilightThe beautiful wife of Emmett, with a bad past
New MoonShe brings in 'snacks' for the Volturi
Mentioned Only (Eclipse)The son of Vera, human Rosalie's good friend
New Moon (In a Dream)Bella's deceased grandmother
Breaking DawnVamipre who is Nahuel's aunt
Breaking DawnPart of the Denali Coven who is holding a major grudge
Breaking DawnHe helps Bella out with fake IDs
TwilightTracker who tried to kill Bella, and ended up dead himself...
New Moon'This may hurt just a little.'
New MoonBasic Imprinted Wolf
TwilightOne of the men who tried to attack Bella (until Edward saved the day)
Breaking DawnLibishoman (Vampire from South America)
Breaking DawnAmazon Coven Member
Only Mentioned (Eclipse)Spirit Chief
Mentioned Earlier/Appeared in Breaking DawnPart of the Denali Coven; Spouse is Garrett
Breaking DawnThe attendent on Isle Esme
Breaking DawnAnum's mate and Part of the Egyptian Coven
Only Mentioned (Eclipse)Was engaged to Rosalie; let's just say he was not a nice guy
TwilightNomadic part of James' (former) Coven
Breaking DawnPart of the Irish Coven
Breaking DawnJaocb tried to imprint of her, it didn't work
TwilightTried to attack Bella...should have known better
Only Mentioned (Eclipse)Helps to make newborn army in the South
Breaking DawnPart of the Irish Coven that can detect lies...or can she?
Breaking DawnNomadic European Vampire who wanders with her mate Charles
TwilightForks High Student who just LOVES Bella
New MoonVolturi Leader
Only Mentioned (Eclipse)Turned Jasper...what would Alice have done without her?
TwilightBest Friends with Ben and Conner
New MoonShe takes Bella's job at the Sporting Goods Store
Breaking DawnAmerican Nomadic Vampire
When they first appearCharacterHow they fit in
Only Mentioned (New Moon)He didn't survive the Spanish Flu...but his child did, in a way
Only Mentioned (New Moon)Edward's Biological Mother
TwilightBella's junior-year English Teacher
Breaking DawnWorks for J. Jenks
Breaking DawnThe Original Hybrid Child, Half and Half
New MoonThe mother of Mike Newton
TwilightForks High student that is hopelessly in love with Bella
New MoonSecond to join the Pack, he tries to kill Bella when he finds out about Jacob telling her
Mentioned in Eclipse/Appeared in Breaking DawnNomadic North American Vampire created for the Confederate Army, like Jasper
Breaking DawnMother of the half-human, half-vampire child
Breaking DawnAmerican Nomadic Vampire who comes to help the Cullens
New MoonMember of the Volturi Guard
TwilightForks High Student
Breaking DawnMember of the Volturi Guard
EclipsePart of Victoria's Army
Only Mentioned (Breaking Dawn)Formerly Part of the Denali Coven
Breaking DawnPart of the Amazon Coven
TwilightA human friend of Bella
Breaking DawnPart of the Romanian Coven
TwilightForks High Student
Only Mentioned (New Moon)Works with Charlie
Breaking DawnAro's wife
TwilightBella's father
Only MentionedBella's grandfather
Only MentionedBella's grandmother
Mentioned Only (New Moon)Spirit Warrior
Mentioned Only (New Moon)Spirit Warrior
Menioned in Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse/Appeared in Breaking DawnPart of the Denali Coven
Breaking DawnPart of the Egyptian Coven; mate is Benjamin
Only Mentioned (Eclipse & Breaking Dawn)Sam Uley's father
Only MentionedSam Uley's great-grandfather
TwilightAlpha of the Wolf Pack
TwilightBella's Trigonometry teacher
Mentioned Only (Breaking Dawn)Sasha's immortal child
Mentioned Only (Eclipse)Rosalie's Human friend
TwilightJames's mate; tried to kill Bella as Edward killed her mate; killed by Edward
Breaking DawnPart of the Romanian Coven
TwilightNurse who helped Bella after the car accident
TwilightBella's friend at Forks High
EclipseYounger brother of Angela
EclipseYounger brother of Angela
Breaking DawnLutheran pastor who married Bella and Edward
Braking DawnMother of the Webers and Wife of Mr. Weber
TwilightThe 'eyes and ears' of Forks High
New MoonSam, her fiancé, imprinted on her, and now she provides food for the wolves
Breaking DawnPart of the Amazon Coven

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