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Can you name the questions from the movie Signs?

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The family dog's name
The family's last name
Colleen was doing this right before she died
The advice Colleen left Morgan...
The advice Colleen left Bo...
The advice Colleen left Graham...
The advice Colleen left Merill...
Bo will never do this...
What Morgan tells the family seconds before the television confirms it
Graham says that everyone needs to calm down and do this...
Merrill believes in miracles because they stopped him from kissing this girl...
The officer's name who comes to investigate their farm
What is the first possible outcome of an alien invasion?
What is the second possible outcome of an alien invasion?
How many Minor League home-run records does Merill hold?
What other Minor League record does Merrill hold?
For their 'last meal' what does Bo want?
And what does Morgan want for their 'last meal'?
And for their 'last meal' Merrill wants?
What does Graham want for their 'last meal'?
What didn't Morgan do after he was born?
What was Morgan going to tape over of Bo's?
Merrill tells Morgan that the invasion is all a hoax created by nerds who cannot get...
What is Furry Furry Rabbit?
What does Merrill tell Graham to do to scare off the 'aliens'?
Who does Morgan wish was his father instead of Graham?
In total, how many times did Tracy Abernathy curse in the last week?
Where does Merrill work?
Who does Merrill run into while finding out information about the army?
What part of the alien's body did Graham cut off in Ray Reddy's pantry?

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