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AADP plus a phosphate
BThe study of life!
CEverything is composed of these; they were discovered by Robert Hooke
DGenetic material that never leaves the nucleus
EThese have a true nucleus
FThese give the cell movement; most commonly found around bacteria cells
GThis sorts and packages macromolecules within the cell to use or get rid of
HThis occurs due to change in external conditions; the internal processes stay the same
IOne allele is not completely dominant over the other
JPart of the small intestine
KKING Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti
LThis digests materials in a cell
MHe was a monk who helped to explain genetics through pea plants
NSurvival of the fittest
OThe movement of water molecules through the cellular membrane
PThe kneecap (which babies are born without)
QTrait that is affected by more than one gene and the environment
RThis 'jagged' organelle transports cisternae, or synthesized proteins
Sspore-producing stage in the life cycle of a plant
TThe bundle of fibers that cover the brain
UConsisting of only one cell
VNot only plant cells have these; they fill with water during osmosis
WOne of the guys who modeled DNA as a double-helix
XWater goes up in in angiosperm plants
YAs a result of alcoholic fermentation, this rises bread
ZThis is a muscle in the human mouth; there's a major one and a minor one

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