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Somebody told me sleep was a cousin to death And following a dollar finds nothing but stress A marathon grind like I'm running from rest
Ridin with the windows down Rollin thru the city Got the weed goin around & the MOST dope with me, hey Simply gettin high like its 1969
You're a beauty with your Louis and Gucci Baby girl I don't wanna be your man, but let me just write my number on your hand
Aye cream cheese and a bagel Have a glass of milk and an ego I'm rockin pjs and no shirt I smoke weed eat yogurt
We stay fly new clothes on smoking on that drake till im so far go
I dream, I imagine, I believe that it'll happen
Wanna Get A Mansion A jacuzzi A theater to watch my movies A couple whips and lots of fancy things The Kids they call the Goonies More lyrics:
So I can go anywhere (anywhere) Anywhere (anywhere) Cali for the Kush Boy I know there’s plenty there About to be in music stores everywhere But no yet! They can’t understand m
song name
And I know you wanna see me go to college, But I'm sorry I don't think ima make it Cause this world is mine for the takin' So when I get famous they gonna know what your name is An
Oh yeah this life is good, don't let it all go to waste Just walk outside the door to get your mom off your case. Yeah, free livin', I swear, I be on some hippie ****. But gateway
Stabbed the game in the heart with a giant spree trying to see success god damn it's clear the time shine like a chandelier
sit back relax and move slow
uh, motha fucka i feel like the hardest working kid in america playing with the pro's, i remember being amateur but now im rocking shows, see the lights from the camera phone
I make em so mad, they got no swag Pimpins on my feet they the throw backs
Now everybody know I got haters like Maino, actors all phony, give 'em Tonys like Yayo, flush the **** out of music, Drano,

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