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Can you name the words that start with O based on the hints??

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The symphony __________
a fruit and a color
an angle that is more then 90 degees is ________
used to row a boat
Someone that is clutzy is an _________
If you __________ something, it's yours.
a water hole in the desert is an ________
You give one when you become president
A creamy porridge like breakfast
If you study something you __________ it
Something in your way is an ________
If something comes into your possession you __________ it
if something happens once in a while it happens
A Sea animal that has 8 legs
An eight sided shape
Another word for the sea is the
Shrek is an_____________
To be busy is to be ____________
If something happens a lot it happens_________
a brown round vegatable that is often in salads
the number that comes after zero
If something isn't closed it is
In class you somethimes have to give an _________ report
The 8 planets _______ the sun
Someone withour a mother or father taking care of them is an __________

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