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An Ogre Saves a princess
A Racecar goes for the piston cup
A racoon tries to feed a bear
A girl gets to go to a ball
A mermaid goes on land
A Girl Befriends a beast
A Girl Goes to war
A house gets lifted by baloons
A Dad fish tries to find his son
A Girl goes to the land of Oz
A puppet becomes a real boy
A magical nanny comes to visit
A Magic Tour through a chocolate factory
A chicken meets aliens
a panda learns kung fu
a fox robs rich people and gives the money to poor people
a boy goes on a journey on a peach
a girl with long hair goes to see lanterns
a supervillian turns good
a superhero family fight crime
a supervillian adopts a family of 3 girls
monsters make children scream
a robot falls in love and goes to space
Toys are alive
a boy tames a dragon

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