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Enzyme FunctionEnzyme
Eukaryotic DNA: Similary to polymerase I, functions in repair
Adds nucleotides to growing DNA strand; 3'-5' exonuclease activity, 5'-3' exonuclease activity
Found on CAD; Facilitates formation of carbamoylaspartate
Catalyzes unwinding of DNA
Class of enzymes involved in molecular rearrangement in a molecule
Eukaryotic DNA: tightly interacts with primase
Prokaryotic DNA: Removes RNA primer and involved in DNA repair in Prokaryotes
Converts Hypoxanthine into Xanthine and then into Uric Acid
Converts nucleotide diphosphates into deoxyribonucleotides
Modifies Histone tail by adding acetly group
Cleaves Tyr, Trp & Phe on their carboxyl side
Converts Adenosine into Inosine
Eukaryotic DNA: polymerase of lagging strand
Availability of these can determines activation of retinoblastoma protein
Enzymes that phosphorylate proteins; Involved in intracellular signalling
Involved in synthesis of TMP
Prokaryotic DNA: Involved in DNA repair, lacks proofreading
Initiaties Nucleophilic attack on A residue within intron initiates cut at 5' splice site
Reacts with all Amino Acids except for the C-terminal
Class of enzymes involved in transfer of a chemical group from a donor to an acceptor
Modifies Histone tail by removing acetly group
Hydrolyzes lactose to glucose and galactose
Puts initial RNA primer down
Hydrolyzes disaccharides and products of amylases; Brush border enzymes
Other of two enzymes involved in purine salvage pathway
Recombination protein: makes nicks for resolution
One of two enzymes involved in Poly-A retrotransposition that isn't reverse transcriptase
Introduces swivel points in DNA to relax positive supercoils; Type that is ATP dependent
Cleaves C-terminal residue in proteins
Assembles from U1-U6 proteins & snRNA; Involved in splicing
Enzyme FunctionEnzyme
Eukaryotic RNA polymerase: Transcribes 5.8S, 18S & 28S rRNA genes
Forms ESI complex; lowers Vmax of enzyme
Found on UMP Synthase; Facillitates formation of OMP
Part of RNA Polymerase core: Recognizes the regulatory sequence in the promoter of DNA
Nonprotein groups bound to enzyme
Eukaryotic DNA: mitochondrial polymerase
Eukaryotic RNA polymerase: Transcribes all protein coding genes & SnoRNA, miRNA, SiRNA, and most SnRNA
Hydrolyzes maltose and maltotriose to glucose
Found on CAD; Facilitates formation of Dihyrdroorate
Removes abasic nucleotide
Competes for active site; Increases Km of enzyme
Part of RNA Polymerase core: Catalyzes phosphodiester backbone formation in 5'-->3' direction
Prokaryotic DNA: Adds 9000 bp/min/enzyme, replicates most of DNA in e. coli
Enzymes with multiple active sites; Have a hill coefficient >1
Add sugars to membrane bound lipid, Dolicol-phosphate
Same enzymes formula, but different structural arrangements
Class of enzymes involved in formation of covalent bonds between Carbon & Sulfur, Nitrogen or Oxygen
Introduces double strand breaks in meiotic DNA cells
Binds to cyclins to regulate the cell cycle
Recombination protein: stabilization of ssDNA, assembles Holliday junction
Enzyme involved in reaction of PRPP and Glutamine to 5-phophoribosylamine and glutamate
Binds TATA box and recurits TAFs to form TFIIID
Adds ribonucleotides to 3' end of growing RNA
Hydrolyzes alpha-1,4 glycosidic bonds in starch and glycogen in the stomach
Hydrolyzes sucrose to glucose and fructose
Prokaryotic DNA: No proofreading activity, DNA repair
Nonprotein component that helps transfer functional groups
Found in mitochondria; Facillitates formation of Orotate
Recognizes specific tRNA and catalyzes attachment of Amino Acid
Found on CAD; Facilitates formation of carbamoylphosphate
Enzyme FunctionEnzyme
Involved in transfer of glycan to asparagine residues
One of two enzymes involved in purine salvage pathway
Reverse transcriptase; Adds repeating units to 5' end of DNA
Found on UMP Synthase; Facilitates formation of UMP
Class of enzymes involved in nonhydrolytic cleavages between carbon & N,C or S
Introduces negative supercoils into prokaryotic DNA
Mediates CSSR
Binds single stranded DNA tightly and prevents degradation
Hydrolyzes alpha-1,4 glycosidic bonds in starch and glycogen in the mouth
Seals single strand nicks in DNA
Class of enzymes involved in hydrolytic cleavage of covalent bonds between carbon and another atom
Recombination protein: generation of ssDNA with 3' overhang
Introduces swivel points in DNA to relax positive supercoils; Type that is ATP Independent
Part of RNA Polymerase holoenzyme: Increases affinity of RNA polymerase core for promoter DNA by 10,000x
Nonprotein component that are bound but not necessary
One of two enzymes involved in LTR retrotransposition that isn't Reverse transcriptase
Eukaryotic DNA: polymerase of leading strand
Class of enzymes that are involved in oxidation/reductiion reactions; Most use NAD, NADP or FAD
Removes damaged DNA bases
Part of RNA Polymerase core: Holds on to the DNA template
Cleaves Leu, Ile & Val on amino side
Eukaryotic RNA polymerase: Transcribes tRNA, some rRNA & some snRNA
Cleaves Lys & Arg on their carboxyl side
Involved in recombination: Used for DNA transposition
Act as CI with PABA to prevent folic acid production in bacteria
Recombination protein: branch migration
Cleaves phosphate backbone of DNA
Helicase + ssDNAbp + Primase + Polymerase III Holoenzyme
Hydrolyzes alpha-limit dextrins

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