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Can you answer the first 10 questions from the July 31st edition Drinkin' & Thinking'?

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In the world of Greek mythology, who is the daughter of Zeus, and the goddess of love and beauty?
Released in 2016, what movie quickly became the highest grossing animated film of all time?
On what mountain did Noah’s Ark allegedly come to a stop in 2348 BC?
The nine original types of what product were released in 1993. They included Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, and Chocolate the Moose?
Of the 27 cities that are home to an NHL hockey team, which is the smallest?
On what street did most of TV’s Desperate Housewives live?
In the Muslim faith who is thought to have verbally revealed the text of the Qu’ran to Muhammad?
A search began last week along the shores of Lake Ontario for the remains of what famous Canadian aviation project?
In what country was music sensation Shakira born and raised?
How many pairs of chromosomes are in found in the average human?

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