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A recap of some of the questions featured during the August 14th edition of Drinkin' & Thinkin' at Clintons Tavern in Toronto.

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Of all the country names that begin with the letter L….is this is the longest.
On the TV show Boy Meets World what was the name of Cory Matthews teacher?
BONUS: On what TV show did the actor who played Cory’s teacher provide the voice for a famous character?
At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit the same?
What song was the first played on MTV?
BONUS: Who sang that song?
What are the height and width dimensions (in feet) of a regulation NHL hockey net?
What recently popularized tech product got it’s name from a Norse word meaning 'beautiful woman who leads you to victory”?
Name the two Shakespearean title characters who have the same pair of initials and both die by stabbing
What Canadian province is now without a provincial head of government, after it’s Premier resigned earlier this month?
What is a meteor called when it reaches earth's atmosphere?
In what video game did Super Mario make his first appearance?

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