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Try to name every single enemy from mario and luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. It's recommended to not use the timer and use the stopwatch. Unless you can look up and che- I mean know the answers and type fast, feel free to do so.

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Enemy DescriptionEnemy's Name
The first enemy that you will encounter
You will find him after you crash from Bowser's Ship
This will fire Bullet Bills at you
The most common enemy in the Beanbean kingdom
Looks dead but it's alive
An enemy originally from Super Mario World
A reference to Spiny
This enemy will pop its head off thee ground
A common enemy but it can fly
A reference to Koopa Troopa
A reference to Tanooki goomba
A reference to Lakitu
It will go KABOOM!!!
A reference to Paratroopa
A bug-like enemy found in the sewers of the Beanbean Castle
If you jump on it, It will deal damage to you
Found in Chucklehuck Woods and is related to an urchin
The most rarest enemy you could find
Reference to Spear Guy
Looks like a tree but it can shoot fuzzies
Reference to Snifit but on the ground
Enemy DescriptionEnemy's Name
Its a beaker and it can boil
Has two yoyo's with the colors red and green like Mario and Luigi
First appearance was in Dr Mario
A windup toy that looks like a koopa
They won't do anything to you but they can be practiced on
Found underwater and more stronger than the urchin like enemy
A land enemy that uses a scuba suit
Squid like enemies that shoot ink at you
These enormous plant are very aggressive
A mummy wrapped enemy with a spear on it's head
A cactus that can shoot bullets
Like the spear guy but stronger
It looks like an hourglass but with faces
Kind of looks like a koopa with the blorbs with a torch
An omen like creature appears after visiting toad town
A cheep cheep. Only with spines on its back
A starfish that is just trying to flirt with you
An octopus like creature that just looks goofy
A robotic enemy with very big firepower
A reference to Koopa Troopa but stronger
A mummy wrapped enemy with a spear on it's head but stronger
Enemy DescriptionEnemy's Name
Reference to Boomerang Bro
One of the unknown creatures that travel in sand
One of the unknown creatures that travel in sand but in skeleton form
Like snifit but in a cold environment
Imagine plopping snow and adding lemonheads and fangs on it
Stronger than the dead appearance enemy in Hoohoo Moutain
A stronger version of a blorbed looking koopa
Troll like character with a club that deals large damage
A reference to Red Shell Paratroopa
A snifit with a cannon as a mouth
First appearance in Super Mario Bros world 7-1
A ghost that lives in haunted houses
Bowser's Faithful Servant
A Strong looking character that throws chain chomps
A bullet that shoots with a sniper
(Bonus) Piranha Plant that can walk
(Bonus) One of Fawful's robot's
(Bonus) One of Fawful's robot's
(Bonus) One of Fawful's robot's

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