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QUIZ: Can you name the shared surnames of these Coronation Street characters?

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Ken, Deirdre, Tracy
Rita, Dennis, Elsie
Sally, Kevin, Rosie
Jack, Vera, Terry
Becky, Karen, Steve
Mike, Danny, Frankie
Maria, Liam, Carla
Anna, Gary, Faye
Polly, Stan, Hilda
Les, Janice, Toyah
Ashley, Maxine, Joshua
Dev, Sunita, Umed
Gail, Joe, Tina
Kylie, David, Bethany
Brian, Bert, Leanne
Sarah-Louise, Todd, Eileen
Eva, Stella, Gloria
Billy, Arthur, Annie
Emma, Raquel, Curly
Edith, Derek, Mavis
Jackie, Molly, Tyrone
Renee, Alf, Audrey
Katy, Izzy, Owen
Nita, Ravi, Vikram
Harry, Christopher, Lucille
Fiz, John, Hope
Des, Steph, Natalie
Bev, Gerald, Shelley
Wilf, Kayleigh, Darryl
Suresh, Jayesh, Grishma
Linda, Martin, Ivan
Edna, Eunice, Fred
Angela, Tommy, Jean
Beth, Craig, Sinead
Kimberley, Brenda, Randolph
Russ, Chris, Cheryl
Clive, Morgan, Fiona
Lauren, Dylan, Violet
Prem, Nina, Tara
Idris, Megan, Tricia
Connie, Andrea, Paul
Alan, Dorothy, Charlotte
Bernard, Muriel, Ida
Eddie, Gina, Nicolette
Dinesh, Ann Marie, Maya
Nick, Wendy, Alex
Alfred, Douglas, Edward
Susan, Lawrence, James

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