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Can you name the words missing from these Pet Shop Boys song titles?

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TitleMissing word
West End ___
___ etc.
It's a ___
Being ___
I'm with ___
___ dancing
Left to my own ___
New York City ___
___ Culture
A ___ like that
___ (let's make lots of money)
I get ___
Delusions of ___
King's ___
A ___ point of view
___ potential
Jack the ___
Why don't we ___ together?
The ghost of ___
___ is an option
My ___ symphony
Hit ___
Hey, ___
Did you see me ___?
A man could get ___
Gin and ___
What keeps mankind ___?
Too many ___
We all feel better in the ___
This used to be the ___
We're all ___ now
___ leave to remain
TitleMissing word
Yesterday, when I was ___
One and one make ___
Two divided by ___
My ___ is spinning
___ in hell
Can you ___ her?
Your funny ___
Dreaming of the ___
How I learned to ___ rock 'n' roll
The truck-driver and his ___
Boy ___
___ boy
The sound of the ___ splitting
Try it (I'm in love with a ___ man)
Searching for the face of ___
To ___ is a sin
The ___ in autumn
Sexy ___
Men and ___
You only tell me you love me when you're ___
So ___
Absolutely ___
A red ___ day
Love is a ___
___ in denim and leopardskin
Se a vida ___ (that's the way life is)
___ 125
Generic ___
Blue on ___
The ___ 10/11/12
The end of the ___
I made my excuses and ___

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