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Can you name the Twitter ebooks spambots from the profile pictures and sample tweets provided?

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NumberNameSample Tweet
1Horse ebooks
2BOOK DESCRIPTION: Ranging from the crumbling ramparts of the Great Wall of China to the breathless heights of the Himalayas, John
3Why did God create
4Stop dreaming and start playing better today - with the Finger
5Shorten Your Long Game Slicing: Pizza
6The Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does?
7We even threw in 21 Divorce Jokes as an additional bonus and teach you how to use them so they are appropriate and most of all
10Going SHIRTLESS is now sheer pleasure.
11Whether you are a beginning deer hunter, or a seasoned veteran deer hunter, I m sure you have never looked at deer hunting
12Princess has but one desire in life, which is to be ridden by young
13Do you really want to take drugs just for hair
14It s Almost As If You Are Trying To Find The Key To Unlock A Door But You Have No Idea What s Behind It Or Why You Even Want To
15Top Fifteen Secret Mouth Watering Recipes For the Constipated
16Everything you ll ever need to know about smoking meats
17Heck if you don t want you don t even have to sh%@$#*t, shower and shave...
18Pooping all over the house...
19. . . . . Full breasted ladies
20The poems are so beautiful and uplifting, and the language was so easy to understand.
NumberNameSample Tweet
21Hey Teens, Let s Stop Judging Each Other. We all know how cruel teens can be to each other. This session will take teens into God
22Middle-aged women clutch at him for sex, dogs attack him, cruising teen-agers throw beer
23They also meet a powerful little Homo radians girl named Viky, and it seems that the PUA would love to get their hands on
24Thank god for Dogthing, and to hell with friggin
25The one thing you must NEVER do while performing cunnilingus... make this mistake and things could turn out very bad. It s actually
26Persistent thoughts of death
27Dangerous looking toys I wouldnand#39;t want anywhere near my dick...
28Dogs love
29Gain strong powerful erection again,
30Even If Youand#39;ve Never Baked ANYTHING
31Quick Celery-cheese Loaf Quick Chicken Cacciatore Quick Chicken Divan Quick Chicken Marinara Quick Macadamia Chicken Quick
3200 for an Ebook, no I think
33Hate the United States, and everything it has ever stood
34I was crying and trying to crawl to the bathroom when my wife returned
35I don t feel like celebrating
36I feel so pissed off all the time. It s not safe to get so mad. I need this fat to contain my anger.
37Just give in and let them have what they want
39Then he becomes very rich as the sun explodes, killing humankind and bringing apocalypse to his

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