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Can you name the characters in James Bond films who spoke these lines immediately before their deaths?

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'I did get one thing right.'
'For England, James?'
'I will deal with her later. At the moment, she is where she ought to be – at the controls.'
'You could have had everything.'
'First a boy, and then a girl...'
'I'll get the money. Tell them I'll... I'll get the money.'
'You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond. So long.'
'At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery. Desolated, Mr Bond.'
'Yours too, Mr Bond. Yours too. And faster than you think.'
'You see Mr Bond, you can't kill my dreams. But my dreams can kill you. Time to face destiny!'
'Yes! I am invincible!'
'Free both of us. Free both of us. With the same bullet. Do it. Do it. Only you can do it. Do it.'
'Should've known you'd take refuge behind that British vulture Wellington. You know he had to buy German mercenaries to beat Napoleon, don't cha? ...Wha-'
'Yes... but tomorrow... I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union...'
'Romanova, the door! ROMANOVA! Take this.'
'Oh, slowly, Whisper, slowly, slowly. Let our diners assemble.'
'HA! I can read your every move!'
'Okay, captain. If that ain't a dragon, what is it?'
'Put your hands back in your pockets! Keep them there.'
'You're lying. NOOOOOO! LIAR! LIAR!'
'I answered your questions. I told you what you wanted to know about Quantum.'
'Why can't you just face it, M? You don't matter any more.'
'I'm sorry, James.'
QuoteSpoken by
'Vesper. She gave everything for you. Forgive her. Forgive yourself.'
'Well, you might as well know, as you won't live to use the information. I'm working for-'
'I've had a particularly fascinating life. Would you like to hear about it? You would?'
'Wait for your turn.'
'Of course. Unfortunately, our cellar is rather poorly stocked with clarets.'
'There's two million dollars in that suitcase. I'll split it with you.'
'And this... for my brother.'
'Bond doesn't know you're in Bangkok, he's never seen you. But he knows me. That's the problem.'
'Oh, it's not Russia, old boy, I'm sure of that. It's not Japan, either. Although, a large Japanese industrial concern i-'
'Oh, Felix, you're no good to me with a wrecked back!'
'Wait! I'm just a professional doing a job!'
'Brilliant! Well done, Franz. Another 80 million dollar write-off!'
'The son I knew died long ago.'
'Not a word of protest. You should find a new boyfriend.'
'Press the magic button, Beijing disappears.'
'Critics and material I don't need! I haven't changed my act in 40 years.'
'A Walther PPK. Standard issue, British Secret Service. Licensed to kill... or be killed. Take him away.'
'Just going to town to get the car washed!'
'Be good – at least until I get back. Ciao!'
'Ahora te quemarás.'
'Whose, er, funeral is it?'
'20 minutes. And don't try doctoring any hands for me while I'm away.'
'Made you feel it, did he? Well... you needn't worry. The second is-'

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