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Can you name the Twitter users from samples of their vocabularies?

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fluther, playoffs, viewable, peeps, haitians
katzenjammer, tintinnabulation, graupel, bezique, ophiuchus
fastball, bludgeoned, bambino, drubbing, webcast
rayne, oks, engulfs, wildfires, chihuahua
technophobe, arsing, huzzah, botty, mistype
fugate, tomorrows, schenectady, yesterdays, sputnik
paparazzi, haha, mistreat, rapper, oscars
webcast, rato, condolences, laureates, friendlier
bedazzled, thankyou, boner, hobos, crazies
unsexual, congrats, homophobe, tracksuits, disgusts
yay, niceness, slurping, sparkly, chainsaws
peeve, wut, kazoo, exes, masseuse
steelers, umps, knicks, peavy, grizzlies
wangs, mehndi, aquascutum, promos, keds
cougar, geeky, greenwashing, skipjack, overfishing
congrats, dumbest, pecker, bitching, pisses
rigatoni, chippy, vindaloo, shorty, luv
triumf, antimatter, webcast, muon, neutrino
frabjous, tatted, hurrahs, spork, congrats
remixer, yay, crappy, dudes, haters
tarps, pileup, tornadoes, wreaking, heartbreak
unrepented, beastlike, complimenting, megaphone, overextended
leatherette, guipure, weekender, whiley, jumpsuit
dribbly, thingies, posties, stotinki, interestingness
overhyped, ketchups, lifesavers, infomercial, glutes
caramba, badass, angeline, fajitas, scrumptious
pooping, frowny, sheesh, brr, hobnobbing
gurl, popsicles, vids, snuggles, recessional
velodrome, equalised, cockerel, dagenham, coppers
trackpad, revamps, hotpot, onrushing, outfox
glammed, listers, thankyou, sunbed, apologises
legroom, guacamole, resubmit, waivers, onboard
undocking, launchpad, lightyear, spaceflight, wakeup
touchable, spikey, batterie, quiff, celeb
quesadilla, awesomeness, goosebumps, birdies, aphrodisiacs
fruitcakes, whoppers, subaquatic, ziploc, orcs
****, cheeseburger, morgans, hiphop, dudes
twats, chortle, hipper, liniment, rambunctious
cadette, eyeshadow, hotcakes, valentines, valkyrie
liveryman, haberdashers, beaconsfield, carmarthenshire, gurkha
fashionista, gonk, gorgeousness, snogs, candyfloss
tonite, escalade, congrats, psyched, playoffs
tonite, gurl, prepping, farted, snuggles
tonite, flubs, congrats, wacko, grahams
tonite, poppin, lovee, reeboks, givin
brrr, poos, befuddled, meus, tableware
lefty, misinformed, nope, brownie, alai
collab, grein, pitchfork, langur, voltaic
smore, scrapple, burrito, meatball, whopper
paranormality, precognitive, ouija, svengali, spooky
dicking, pooed, gaga, marling, cockerel
cudden, thort, gorra, herl, leadin
goog, enquirer, hyped, serenity, passionately
bronzer, butthole, poppin, lovee, smurf
blowfish, indeedy, trashes, ghostbusters, tiaras
punchline, weirdo, haha, safeway, lunges
wut, birdy, meow, dunt, gaga
dreidel, barleycorns, batmen, hyphenate, cephalopod
bitchin, gnarly, geezers, katakana, krasnoyarsk
unclog, millipede, meerkat, helipad, muskrat
dogfighting, spiderwebs, reenactments, electrocution, airfare
ratos, querida, abrazo, maana, regalo
sniff, acorn, blink, stare, scratch

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