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Can you name the tracks featured on MOJO's 'Kate Bush’s 50 Greatest Songs' list?

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#SongMOJO says:
#50Yes, this was a single!
#49Fabulously florid explanation of chance, fate and female biology.
#48Kate swears in her most R&B song ever.
#47How great would Kate Bush: The Piano Bar Album have been?
#46A multitude of moods and voices enchant and disturb.
#45At the height of her late '80s pomp, Bush meets the Führer.
#44Gothic first single from her second album unleashes another Bush spectre.
#43Re-Joyce! The Sensual World in full Bloom.
#42Bolan, Sid Vicious, Moon The Loon: Bush fears the tug of that stupid club.
#41The best sex ever expressed in song and singing.
#40Haunted-sounding electro-pop from the first 'side' of her surprise comeback album.
#39Bush turns to her childhood hero for her maiden cover version.
#38Hounds Of Love's Tale Of The Unexpected
#37Who you gonna call? Kate's supernatural support service.
#36Is Elvis enjoying his afterlife at an all-star ski-resort? Discuss.
#35The sci-fi tale that became reality.
#34Glacial horizons reveal horrible things in the cold.
#33So good she cut it twice.
#32A suicide fantasy that sounds like it was recorded in purgatory.
#31Distilling 24 hours of light, sound, love and song into one heady draught.
#30Wobbly pop grows out of love for a grouchy composer and his amanuensis.
#29The internal voices spill out on La Bushka's 'She's gone mad!' album.
#28Eleven minutes of spectral legend and choral spook: spine-tingling.
#27Esoteric wisdom concealed within quirky pop demands: 'Awake!'
#26In which Kate tells us we're not beaten yet, and we believe her.
#SongMOJO says:
#25Beatific opening strand of HOL's stranded-at-sea concept suite.
#24'80s horror and Disney texts repurposed to ponder fame's assault on personal privacy.
#23To the portmanteau of Kate esoterica, add numerology.
#22Kate turns to Joyce and transforms into Molly Bloom.
#21Unveiling her 'auteur' streak, Kate joins the Viet Cong in this cinematic track.
#20Nuclear apocalypse fear becomes terminal lullaby for clairvoyant unborn.
#19Back to the horror genre for multilingual thrills and chills.
#18Russian folk traditionalism inspires modern studio mastery.
#17A tantalising invite to a secret place.
#16'Kate's mastery of the avant-garde and pop simultaneously inspires me constantly,' says Raven Bush, Kate's nephew.
#15Fairlight meets bouzoukis on electro-folk Ireland-only single.
#14Ecstatic, free-spirited anthem acts as precursor to rave.
#13Into the depths: Bush casts her net through memory and time.
#12Heavenly visions and electrician's tape conjoin in a song about yearning.
#11One of the great English anti-war songs, disguised as kooky Top 20 hit.
#10Hypnagogic childhood of Wilhelm Reich's son as sumptuous Purcellian lament.
#9TOTP dimmed the lights when she sang 'Vaseline' and patted her bum.
#8Heart-shredding elegy to the fallen.
#7Washing machine! Washing machine!
#6Out-there outrider for The Dreaming.
#5JM Barrie, Jung and Freud subdued in non-corporeal love song.
#4Mood-pop gender-swapping and a contract with the Godhead.
#3Her greatest ballad, written to order for John Hughes' film She's Having A Baby.
#2Bowie meets Brontë in this literary gem.
#1Kate runs headlong from love and straight into its wolfie clutches.

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