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When several historical figures stand firmly against death's door, they end up in a strange world of Elves, Dwarves, and Demi-Humans.
In a last ditch effort, the devil escapes to Japan where he proceeds to work at a McDonalds parody.
A band of individuals must scour the new world they find themselves in and strip any elves they come across in hopes to find the rune fragments and return home.
When he finds himself trapped in a virtual world, one young man decides to make the world one where its inhabitants can live in peace and happiness.
Wacky hijinks occur when a game developer forgets to add a login button to his VRMMO with Roguelike elements (ie. Permadeath). Also harems. And crystals only work sometimes.
A young NEET goes to a convenient store and ends up in a fantasy world with no way out. Death brings naught but life.
This wacky adventure follows a former NEET and a goddess-turned-priestess as they strive to defeat a demon king to escape the wonderful world they find themselves in.
A Wavemaster is suddenly unable to log out from an MMO and finds that a strange power seems to be protecting them...or is it?
When a person dies having an unfulfilled youth they wake up in a High School with those of a similar fate, constantly battling a stoic white-haired girl day in and day out.
When a high school girl is pulled into a well, she ends up trapped in a feudal Japan and caught in a love triangle a century old.
A half-Japanese college-bound man named Chris is whisked away to a medieval-esque fantasy world where he is gains a mysterious power, earning him the title of the chosen one.
A pair of NEET siblings find themselves trapped in a fantasy world and resolve to become the gods of it by gaming their way to the top.

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