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Can you name the Studio Madhouse anime by their descriptions...again?

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A Hero-For-Fun finds himself depressed and bored with every challenge as he ends each encounter prematurely. That is, until one day, when he takes on a peculiar student.
When two people die at the same time, they find themselves trapped in a judgment game that serves as a test of whether they will go to Heaven or Hell.
Rumor has it there is a kid with a baseball bat causing a series of hit-and-runs. Strangely, none of the victims can seem to remember his face...
A zany Christmas adventure following a homeless trio and their journey to find a supposedly abandoned baby's parents.
This bizarre mind trip sees a young man thrown back through time to the beginning of his college days after a failed first attempt.
An aspiring film maker has a chance encounter with a girl with strawberry panties on a rooftop. His motivation rising, he sets out to find the girl.
A man in a white suit awakens to a desolate world with no memories to his name and the inescapable hatred of everything alive.
In a world where augmented-reality is commonplace, a girl and her little sister meet a hacker who seeks to discover the secrets of a mysterious computer virus disrupting the city.
A young, fishing rod-toting boy resolves to follow in the footsteps of his father in the hopes that he may one day find him.
After finding a peculiar-yet-powerful weapon, an intelligent young man resolves to create a new world with himself at the top of it.
When an AI goes rogue and corrupts an all-purpose virtual world, it is up to the high school student who supposedly gave this AI power to set things right.
A naive girl and a punk rocker with the same name incidentally end up sharing an apartment and, as a result, set themselves on the path of self-reinvention together.

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