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Can you name the Studio Madhouse anime by their descriptions?

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A psychological thriller about an ex-idol who finds that her attempts to break away from her past and become TV star only work to harm herself and those close to her.
Two teens join a martial arts club and fight to reach the top of their school's hierarchy. (More than half of the show is a flashback)
A baseball playing gambler uses his bizarre pitching methods and psychological warfare to move a professional baseball team through the ranks.
The spin-off of a Western cartoon. This anime sees the titular blue alien once again spiraling towards Earth and landing in Japan, where he meets and befriends a young girl.
This show follows a man known as the 'Humanoid Typhoon', his misadventures, as well as the ongoing conflict with his brother.
When a powerful technology falls into the wrong hands, dreams and reality begin to meld together in this spicy film.
This Otome-turned-anime follows the fictional sport known as 'Stride' and a club's attempt to win the 'End of Summer' Competition.
In a world where humans and robots live among one another, a boy seeks to protect an amnesiac girl from the malicious Duke and his adopted son.
In a world where humans and robots live among one another, a young man finds an abandoned defective robot, takes her in, and develops a love for her.
A young girl must become a magical girl to save the world from the very cards she, herself, unleashed!
A doctor saves the life of a child only to later regret and redeem himself for that decision as the boy grows into a cold-blooded serial killer.
Several individuals find themselves trapped in a death game where the only way they can get off of a deserted island is to use bombs to kill the other participants.

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