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Can you name the Studio Shaft anime by its description?

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A half-vampire boy helps several girls with unusual circumstances and occasionally molests a child who continually mispronounces his name (intentionally?)
This show follows a young man and his struggles in life stemming from his engagement with Shogi. Also, March.
A young man strives to never owe any favors, but when a beautiful girl helps him unexpectedly, he repays her by fulfilling her wish that he become her lover.
A ten-year-old wizard teaches at an all girls' school of magic.
After experiencing devastation time and again, a high school girl vows to use her powers to prevent her friend from becoming a magical girl.
When a girl who is allergic to men tries to find love at a Catholic girls' school, she ends up being terrorized by a scheming cross-dresser who attends there as well.
After moving to a new town to live with his aunt, a young man meets his cousin who claims she's an alien.
A demure girl meets an eccentric cast of characters as she moves away from home to attend Yamabuki Arts High School
A Slice of Life comedy about a despair-filled teacher who turns suicidal at even the smallest inconvenience.
In the final year of her life, an android gives up fighting and decides to spend her time as a maid. During this time, she meets and develops a relationship with a teenage boy.
When two rival gangs are on the edge of war, the leaders decide to make peace with each other by having their children date each other- if only for show.
Kids with special eyes and vocaloids with tragic pasts meet in one hell of a daze as Jin provides the soundtrack.

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