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How sharp are your Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Skills?

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What is the name of Robb Stark's wife in the books?
What house does Samwell belong to?
What are the 2 branches of House Fossoway?
What does Margaery Tyrell aspire to become?
What is the name of Margaery's middle brother?
What are the Greyjoy words?
Daenerys named Rhaegal after
Who is the mother of Jaime and Cersei?
What is the seat of the Baratheons?
Who did Arianne Martell seduce?
What is Jon's nickname at the Wall?
Who rescues Sam and Gilly? (In ASOS)
Joffrey dies of?
What actor portrayed Eddard Stark?
What material kills Others?
Where are the brothers of the Night's Watch camped when they are attacked by Others?
What is Rickon's direwolf's name?
Who carries Bran on his back?
What is the name of Renly's kingsguard?
How many Aegon's are there?
Who cuts off Jaime's hand?
What is the seat of the Martell's?
What is the name of Arya's instructor in Braavos?
Who can be assumed is the identity of Pate (in AFFC)
What are the Bolton words?
What is the name of Roose Bolton's deceased son?
What is Catelyn's name after she is resurrected?
What were the Mad King's last words?
What is the name of Eddards sister?
What is the seat of House Reed?
Where is the Citadel located?
Who is Myrcella Baratheon betrothed to?
How many Sand Snakes are there?
What house makes Arbor Gold?
What is the Mountain's real name?
Who is called 'Crow's Eye?'
I will take what is mine with
Who sets out for Daenerys' hand in marriage?
What is the Tully sigil?
Who is the Lightning Lord?

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