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QUIZ: Can you name the car by reading the engine specs??

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EngineMake and Modelextra info
2.4L iVTEC 4cyl 201hp/170 lb-ft FWDSport compact coupe or entry luxury sedan
2.0L Ecoboost 4cyl 252hp/270 lb-ft FWDsport compact 5 door hatchback
3.7L VQ V6 332hp/269 lb-ft RWD2 seat, 2 door sports car
2.0L 4 cyl 166hp/140 lb-ft RWD2 seat, 2 door roadster
3.4L Boxer 6cyl 311hp/266 lb-ft MR2 seat, 2 door roadster
5.0L Tau V8 429hp/376 lb-ft RWDFull sized, 4 door sedan
2.0L boxer 4cyl 197hp/151 lb-ft RWD2 door compact sports car
EngineMake and Modelextra info
3.7L Vtec V6 305hp/275 lb-ft SH-AWD4 door mid-sized luxury sport sedan
4.8L VVTi V10 560hp/354 lb-ft MR2 seat, ultra exclusive super car
6.2L LSA V8 556hp/551 lb-ftSuper sport sedan/wagon/coupe
4.0L V8 414hp/295 lb-ftHigh performance coupe/sedan/convertible
6.0L BiTurbo V12 621hp/738 lb-ft RWD2 door full-sized Luxury coupe/2 seat luxury convertible
2.3L MZR 4cyl turbo 263hp/280 lb-ft FWDsport compact 5 door hatchback

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