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What wins monopoly every time?Operation DAD
Great ValuePotato Chips
How should we seperate the juice?Little Adolf
Upgraded Thunder GunEMERGENCIES ONLY
Who can beat the sun in a starring contest?!!
What do medics doResistance 2
Best puzzpack gameTi 84
Best risk spotgonna die
Talk like this he doesthis is an easy one
Come on manESPN
The forest is on fireBambee
Later he gets the rebound, passes it to the man, shoots it, and...Pacers VS Nets
Personal foul offense number 69...Best penalty ever
Yourmomhatesthis.comFun kills
PiFirst 30
Haven't you heard?Heard What? Brian, no!
Brian what is the plural for MOOSE?I saw a flock of _____! There were many of them. Many, much, _____. Out in the woods, in the woodis, the woodsen. The meese want the food. Food is to eat in is it. The meese want the fooding in the wooding in is it. In the food in the wooden is it.
Brian- How many outs are there?NO HINT
I was a big statue in front of a church next to the interstate that got burned down after I got struck by lightning. What am I?I-75
What does the lampshade do to the temple?BONUS!
According to Carl's friend, what kills people?BONUS!!
Guns don't kill people.BONUS!!!
Can a match box?BONUS!!!!!

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