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A dimorphic yeast that forms pseudohyphae and also causes diaper rash
'Avoid high risk activities such as disturbing soil under bird roosting sites, demolishing old buildings, or exploring caves' to prevent this pneumonia
Gradual onset pneumonia that is treated with TMP-SMX and steroids
Only the mycelial form which is found in soil is infectious, high prevalence in southwestern US
This microbe causes multifocal proliferation of vascular cells, forming nodules in skin and other organs
Causes severe chronic, watery diarrhea. Acid-fast oocysts in stool
A severe case of perianal ulcers is treated with this drug
Causes painful rash that follows dermatome patterns
HintMicrobeMore Info
Diagnosis by CT scan revealing non-enhancing lesions, MRI shows patchy demyelination of white matter
CT scan with contrast die reveals ring-enhancing CNS mass lesions
Yeasts producing polysaccharide capsules and melanin
Patient presents with blurred vision, fundoscopy reveals retinitis with white lesions
Causes fever and wasting in patients with CD4 under 50, infection is almost always disseminated
Malignancy associated with EBV
Chest X-ray reveals cavitation, Sputum culture positive for acid-fast bacilli
BONUS: Name all 4 drugs used to treat TB

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