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When did the Roman Republic begin?
When are the Ides of March?
Senate and the People of Rome
official who kept records used for taxing Romans
Who was beat to death with chairs during a speech?
senatorial aristocracy
year span of the 2nd Punic War
represented Plebians in government
Rome's laws
Latin for 'Roman Republic'
judges of Rome
Rome vs. Carthage
What did Sulla demand from the Senate?
year span of the 3rd Punic War
goal of 1st Punic War
2 chief executives, 1-year terms
fought Octavian
represented 35 territorial districts
common people
governors in the provinces were often _________
date of Caesar's assassination
female children were children if parents were citizens. T/F?
Carthaginian general
sons of _____ slaves were citizens
Where was Rome's rival in the Punic Wars?
leader with absolute power
general who defeated Hannibal in the 3rd Punic War
Hannibal commited suicide. T/F?
two brothers who tried to help the poor
large military units
What was Augustus's old name?
farmer who was dictator for 2 weeks
year span of the 1st Punic War
Who ended the Republic?

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