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QUIZ: Can you name the song by Nelly Furtado based on the song's first line?

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First Line of SongSong Title
'All I know, is that everything is not as it's sold...'
'You're standing at the door, I'm falling to the floor...'
'In the day, in the night, ___ __ _____, say it all...'
'TĂș, que pierdes el control...'
'Paint my face in your magazine, make it look whiter than it seems...'
'Am I throwing you off?'
'I looked at your face I saw that all the love had died...'
'Honestly, what will become of me...'
First Line of SongSong Title
'Eres mi mas grande deseo...'
'Everybody look at me, me...'
'You're beautiful, that's for sure...'
'I've been high, I've been low...'
'It is the passion flowing right through your veins...'
'It's getting so lonely inside this bed...'
'You liked me until you heard my s*** __ ___ _____...'

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