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'Stuart, go eat your chips, and shut the hell up!'Paul Vogt
'Girl, I will cut him!'Anjelah Johnson
'Oh please!' [smokes a cigarette]...[end of sentence]...ALWAYS!'Michael McDonald
'Don't do it, Yaminashi! I will set you on fire!'Keegan-Michael Key
'Stuart! What is it?!'Mo Collins
[cough] 'Uh hugh hugh!'Mo Collins
'Oh no! Dad, I ate too much bacon and turned into a pig!'...'If I had a nickel, I'd swallow it, and tomorrow I'd be an ATM machine!'Stephnie Weir
'I'm sorry to have disappointed such a valuable customer. We strive to provide quality service to...ain't you gone yet?'Debra Wilson
Don't step on my Gucci's!!!'Debra Wilson
'Look what I can do!'Michael McDonald

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