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Hurtful words of enemies of the last 5 years
A withered past and a blurry future my hearts on an auction and it goes out to the highest bid
Situations, My Apocolypse, The Day I Left The Womb
(Blank), are irrelevant now
We see the stones falling from the sky ( on fire )
Shadows fall on yesterday it's like time just slips away
You are the kind of girl that makes me fall in love
Ashley, something, the flood,
You left me on the side of the road ( side of the road )
Come on come on shake your money maker
Is it the way that you feel against my body
I will stand right by your side I have made it through the fight now I'm coming home
This is the death of me I feel it constantly
Issues, the aftermath, choose your fate
I can't believe my eyes I'm terrified night full of death and some say end of times
Trying to tear me apart breaking me down to the bone
I'm done with everyone I'm sick of everything I'm living on the brink of death caught in a web of lies and deceit
Sit back as your world decays I can't explain why you're falling apart
I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time and I'd give all my finger time to touch you
Cause it's my time it's show time help me down now it's don't give a **** time
Desire, chemical love, risk it all, live fast die beautiful

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