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HintAnswer*indicates spelling discrepancy
He saved E.T. and invented the light bulb.
This Beatle raided the lost ark.
This male stripper was the youngest girl to win an academy award.
The 14th U.S. president was James Bond 4 times.
*This Beatle was one of the original hosts of “The View”.
The former president of Marvel Comics was crowned Miss America in 1955.
Front man for Aerosmith puts on a dress and becomes Madea.
Keyboardist for the Rolling Stones was the prisoner of Zenda.
*”Little Mermaid” author anchors CNN News.
Train robber sounds a lot like Darth Vader.
Author of “The Magi” dated Marlo Thomas.
HintAnswer*indicates spelling discrepancy
Aussie songstress baptizes Jesus.
Legendary, much married star went to the top of Billboard with “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off”.
*Pride and Prejudice author saves world from Dr. Evil.
The King of Pop is a famous abstract expressionist with his drip painting.
The British Prime Minister is adorable in “Something About Mary”.
Twenty-first U.S. president among world’s greatest tennis players with three Grand Slam titles.
”Where the Boys Are” singer is father of the scientific method.
First man to orbit the earth was a bandleader in the swing era.
-Wham! Eighteen gold medals!
“Home Improvement’s” middle son is a preschool train.

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