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QUIZ: Can you name these Famous/Influencial Computer Scientists?

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Considered to be the father of computer science; British; Committed suicide after being found guilty in UK for being homosexual
Known for 'Goto Considered Harmful'; Dutch
Inventor of Java; Canadian
Creator of ALGOL-W; Creator of Pascal; Swiss
Creator of 'Common LISP'; Creator of Scheme; Helped document Java
One of the developers of UNIX; Inventor of the 'B' Programming Language; Worked at Bell Labs
She served in the US Navy; Known for popularizing the term 'Bug'; Wrote the first ever compiler
Founders of Google
Developer of ALGOL and FORTRAN; Known for 'BNF Form' to describe ALGOL 58; Worked at IBM
Inventor of C++; Danish; Worked at AT&T Labs

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