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Can you name the Buffalo Sabres A-Z?

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Thomas Vanek is from _____A
Last name of Vezina Trophy winnerB
Captain's first nameC
Hasek's nicknameD
Last name of 21 year old Left WingerE
Coco's last nameF
All time scoring leaders first nameG
German's last nameH
Winter Classic in 2008 was also known as ______ in BuffaloI
Lindy Ruff won it 2005-06J
American #36 Patrick _______K
Pat is Hall of FamerL
Former Slovakian's first nameM
Derek Roy's numberN
Province where Derek Roy is fromO
AHL team. 'Yo Ho Ho!'P
Former Goalie Mikael Tell____ Q
Jason Pominville's positionR
It's in the logoS
Won Calder last season (09-10)T
Ryan Miller's Birth Country U
Thomas Vanek birth cityV
This former Russian has an X on his first nameX
Last name of former captain.Write it backwards.Y
Last name of former LithuanianZ

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