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What country joined the United Nations in 1971?
What was the name of the first home computer?
Who was the first British Prime Minister?
Who was the first black man to win Wimbledon?
Who was E-mail invented by?
The Tangshan earthquake took place in what country?
Was abortion made illegal or leagl in the 1970's?
What Japanese company introduced the walkman?
What was the last manned craft to the moon?
Who was the last man to walk on the moon in 1972?
What papers ended the US's part in the Vietman War?
Name one of the planets NASA and the Soviet Union sent unmanned probes to?
What was the tallest building in NYC in the end of the 1970's?
Elvis Presley died in what year?
What college did the massacre that killed four students and played a huge roll in dividing the country occurr at?
What very popular boy band broke up?
What well-known theme park opened in Florida?
What popular computer software was created?
What author from NY Times coined the term 'ME DECADE?'

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