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Can you name the unreleased Michelle Branch songs from the lyrics?

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Do you believe in love at first sight, I know it's true now cause it happened that night
I wonder can you tell cause I can't really hide all of these feelings i have way down deep inside
When my heart first broke, we were both in school then, and that was years ago, and you've been lyin, lyin for so long
I saw you smiling in that photograph, and I remember how you used to laugh
We never were good at saying, saying what we meant to each other's faces, we just shut down and we quit
You were the question I needed answered, and you'd never know how scared I was falling in love
Hold me up to your lips just to keep me close, light me up say that I'm the one you want the most
Sleepless nights cause the city lights make the moon so hard to see
I don't know how long I can justify it, I'm tired of making up reasons you're not on my side
See him walking down the road like his coat is full of stones, with an arrow in his throat
So you got a taste and you want some more, like a little kid in a candy store
You're like a broken arrow that's never seen the sky, let me fix you up let me watch you fly
And my head knows the world turns but my heart wants to stop
Do it fast,make it sweet, pull the world out from under my feet
You know you want it but you've got no self control, you keep it running like a junkyard stereo
When I look at myself in the mirror, I see you standing there smiling at me
I don't want you to catch me, I want you to let me stand up here and walk on my own
I could kiss you right now, fall right into the fire
Funny how things change so fast, I thought I knew so much more before we left
I tell myself one kiss and I'll be gone

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