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MessageQueenFull Message
'Love you girls, Echa' pa' lante, See you soon ♡ ********'
'Positive Always! I Love You Mommy & Daddy! ********* :)'
'Keep your eyes on the stars... you'll never be one - ********'
'You ARE ALL STARS smooches *****'
'God bless America, Viva Panama, Keep bearing light QUEENS xoxo *********'
'Love yourself. Live your truth. You're never too old to dream. xoxo, ********'
'Wear clown noses! Make fun of each other! Stay Plastic
'xoxo, ********'
'I love all my girls! Here's to the revolution of the FISH! ♡ Always, *************'
'Don't be shady!!, Be a Lady!, Love ya, .........'
'Be good to yourself. Be good to one another. Love to the moon & back! xo ********. (Go Ginger)'
'Live, Love and Believe!!! XO. ********'
'Be cool, Be nice, Be you. xoxo ********'
'Latino shade. It was a pleasure to meet you girls, Thanks for your friendship. XOXO Kiss and hugs! ***********'
'Love you girls so much!! You always have a friend in me! XOXO ***'******
'Be Safe Bitch **********'
'Love u girlz! Rock your Pxxxxxxx! XOXO *********** P.S. Eat my Bacon!'
'Never Give Up, You're all stars...********'
'' ************.com 'life is too short to live someone else's' '
'Hi, I showed my ass (a lot) so here's one for the road. ********.' (with a butt print on the mirror.)
'Balls 2 the Walls. Fishes or Bitches. You pick. ********.'
'Echa pa' lante, no mires pa' atras pa' coger impulso, and you know what f&%k you haha'
'It's Milkin' time! ♡ you girls! Big + scary forever (drawing of cow udders)'
'Do you 2 the FULLEST. Love ********.'
'WORK HEATHERS xoxo **********'
'Always live your dreams and believe in second chances. Halleloo! Love **********'
'Love you, MEAN it! Ging for the win :)'
'Keep it cute ladies! Shady sisters 4-ever! ♥ **********'
'Condragulations grillz! Go F****** Kill Them! Rolaskatox 4EVAAAHH! ♡ *********'
'☮♥ XO ****!**** 'Trust' '
MessageQueenFull Message
'Be a lady! You're All Amazing. *********************...'
'This is (only) the begining [sic] ! Much Love - ********* / I ♥ U DIDA RITZ!'
'Cheers to my fish, fabulous and fierce sisters. I ♡ you all, *********.'
'Girl I say goodbye again! Thank your love. When I left this competition, I felt loved. I love you, and the winner is... I don't know. Kiss *********'
'Always know your place. The jig is up!!! Siempre, ********'
'[...] / I'll be waiting for you in my kindom [sic] / Phi-Phi - I love you - sisters 4 ever'
'My divas Remember who you are, and what you stand for I love you and miss all. Stay fierce!! *********'
'You are your own worst critic... let go, forgive, & live. Love, ***********'
'Girls you will be missed. Take the world by storm, educate the masses. Get it, rearrange it, internalize it. Turn it. - *******'
'Love you all. Turn it out... ******** '***' '
'Good bye AGAIN!! Best of luck to everyone. Turn it out & don't be a sprepper! xoxo *********'
'Everything happens 4 a reason, pero la vida continuo! Big things will come! ********** xoxo'
'Girls: Stay humble... People go up... You'll be on the way down! Kisses ******* / Chad, Sharon, Milan, Dita [sic] = True Friends / Kenya : Botate Mami !'
'All you have to do is DREAM! ******** XOXO!'
'Forever Sisters: Keep It Foxy! Love Your Guts! ********** ♡'
'The sky is the limit when your ♡ 's in it. Don't dream it, be it. Always and forever, **********'
'I love you all, Give them hell girls. Love, ***********'
'I love you girls! Viva P.R.! *********.'
'Love all of u guys, And never be a victim -♡- ********'
'Condragulations Raja. Mug4Dayz! *******'
'Lick this Boxx, bitch. XOXO Love you all ***********'
'Heathers better win.'
'Be You Bitches (Boots) Loves, ********'
'Stay true 2 U + xoxo good luck! –********!'
'ZOMG! Love you girlie girls! xoxo - *********'
'Ms. Cheese loves you! Stay true 2 U girl Chad, needles, latrice XXX P.S. Phi Phi: Thank love u' (left a slice of cheesecake behind for the others)
'Bring out the big Gunns dudes. xoxo *******'
'Keep on loving each other, we will meet again, I can't wait. All my l♡ve, ************'
'Say love n show love / Colored girl, why yo base look like chalk ? / Jiggly REPRESENT / ***********'
'Best of Luck Ladies, Luv *. **********'

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