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Forced Order
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hey kids, let watch a movie about tom sawyer and huck finn. And don't forget satan, and certain death. Good times.1986
so, there are these cute little creatures, just follow some rules and you'll be fine. TERRIFYING VIOLENCE ENSUES...maybe we should make a new rating guys...1984
aww, look at the cute little bunnies HOLY CRAP SCARY BUNNY! 1978
'Not a speck of light is showing / So the danger must be growing / Are the fires of hell a-glowing? / Is the grisly reaper mowing? / Yes! The danger must be growing'1971
a cute adventure about talking a chop shop, a scary clown with sharp teeth, and a song about death where the cute characters almost get crushed! 1987
Cartoons with real people is always a big hit. especially when the bad guy gets crushed by a steam roller then comes back up and has crazy red dagger eyes...those are my favorite1988
Fun family film where the bad guy has the hots for the lead female character and wants her to burn in 'hell-fire' because of it. Then he sings a fun song about hell fire. 1996
here little girl, let the big scary spider like lady sew buttons into your eyes so you can become a ghost child trapped down there forever...2009
A bunch of rats viciously murder each other, not to mention the terrifying cat named dragon and death around every corner! I'll get the popcorn.1982
Ok, the bad guy is rotting corpse who falls apart all the time and in the end he is sucked dry to a skeleton which then withers away...but the bat lives so its ok.1997
The main character goes to Hell and is starting to be tortured by creepy little demon minions when the big scary one shows up...nightmares.1989

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