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Plankton's Computer wife
An arch nemesis of Mermaid man. He is spongebob's favourite supervillain
Spongebob's Best friend
The big yellow cube with holes
Ruler of the deep sea
The Pirate who sings the Spongebob theme song at the start of every episode
Spongebob's 'villain' in his dream. Settles scores with Rock paper Scissors
Mr Krabs' Grandfather
Former Manager of the Krabby'O'Mondays
Spongebob's Father
Spongebob's cousin who ruins everything
Spongebob's prehistoric ancestor
A clarinet playing Jester to the king of Bikini Bottomshire
Pearl's Ex-Boyfriend. Described as 'Long Tan and Handsome'
Cranky lady fish against everything fun and delicious. She had the Krusty Krab shut down
Sandy's pet who Spongebob and Patrick became best friends with
The Obese Picky Bass fish
The Karate Chopping Texan
Founder of the Spongebob Squarepants Fanclub
Spongebob's favourite little Mollusk
The ghost of Bikini Bottom
Little Orange fish with Copter hat
Squidward's High school rival
The spongebob fanclub owner's pet
The Customer that Squidward and Spongebob fought over to discover the name of, in order to win a 'holiday' from Mr Krabs
The ultra cool Surf guru who helped Spongebob find is way home
The tuna fish who presents 'Bikini Bottom news'
The friend spongebob created when there was no one else to play with
An arch nemesis of Mermaid man, he was imprisoned in the mermalair via frozen tartar Sauce
Maker of cookies and Sweaters with love in every stitch
Spongebob's Mother
The green speck who wants to steal the Krabby patty Formula
Teacher at the boating School
A world famous surfer who is coated in grime
The lifeguard at Goo lagoon
Founder of 'The Jelly Spotters'
Elderly fish who changes appearance throughout the many Spongebob episodes
Squidward's Pedigree Snail
Restaurant owner and penny-pincher
A self-centered Clarinet playing snob
A ghost made up by Squidward to scare Spongebob
The underwater equivalent of Aquaman
Spongebob's Psychotic creation via the Magic Pencil
The bully of the Boating school
Spongebob's large green pet who will eat anything!
The blue Jellyfish
Surf enthusiast at Goo Lagoon
Mermaid Man's sidekick
Former fry Cook at the Krusty Krab
Owner of the Pranks and Gags shop
Daughter of Mr Krabs

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